Studying the interaction between language, culture, society and politics


In Sociolinguistics, we discuss and try to tackle issues like minority languages, language deatth revitilisation and language in use.
‘I am Circumflex’ by Sneha Srinivasan

Why is Sociolinguistics important

Langauge has always been a vexed (complex) issue. For example, in the United States, people are dealing with these current linguistic issues:

  • State-sponsored bilingual education (esp. in Spanish).
  • Official language on state and federal levels.
  • the friend-less native American languages. Native languages makes the United States one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the world. For comparisons, more language families are spoken in Arizona alone than in the entirety of Europe.

Of course, in the past, several linguistic issues and policies arose, their ramifications still felt to this day.

  • Native American boarding schools in the US and Canada, in which, along with intense abuse and mistreatment, they were designed specifically to teach Amerindians the white way and to "purify" them from their "barbarian" languages.
  • The German language hysteria (and to lesser extent, other languages such as Japanese) during and after WWII.

As the world becomes more and more globalised, the issue of language gets even more hard. Languages are dying at an alarming rate, the remifications of this will persist for millenia.

Welcome to the SoLing educational portal!

This website aims to create a modern, interactive, and easy to use & understand reference for materials related to sociolinguistics. It was conceptualised as a final course project for my French Sociolinguistics class. However, the intention is to extend it even farther as time passes.

Portal Sections

Section One: The Knowledge Base

This is a collection of materials in a cohesive cited narrative way aka a book. It contains differing matters of the area.

Section Two: The Glossary

This is a glossary of sociolinguistics term that strives to be as comprehensible and as comprehensive as possible.

NEWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE (last updated Nov 2018)
Novemebr 2018:
18: Apparently, Qubec lawmakers uninamously banned the bilingual phrase "Bonjour - Hi" - usually uttered by stores and businesses to show they can accomadate both langauges - with more than a hundred votes to null.
9: The Chikasaw documentary "Winter Fire —And Our Mothers Cried", which portrays the brutal boarding school policy era, has won the Hearland Emmy awards.

This project is not suprevised, and all content is written by me and is not reviewed nor verified by any professor, scholar, or professional. This project would not have seen the light without my great teacher, Dr. Emily Hellmich of the University of Arizona, Spring 2018. Boost in materials based on lessons by my awesome teacher, Dr. Janice McGregor, Fall 2019